Trending Colors for Spring

It may still be February, but let’s face it. Everyone is looking forward to springtime. Sunshine, warmer weather, fresh blooms, and an excuse to reorganize and refresh your home.

Every season, different colors are deemed the trending colors for that period. Whether the colors drastically change from season to season or are simply a shade lighter, trending colors give our minds just enough juice to spark creativity and revamp a look.

No one wants to paint an entire room when they can simply add an accent piece here or a new decor item there. We pulled together our favorite trending colors for spring along with a few key pieces to show you how you can be on-trend this spring, without breaking the bank.


Whether it’s for the kitchen, the living, or even a bedroom, bright shades of red are in this season. Maybe going all out red isn’t your taste, which is where the subtle hints of the shade are more ideal. Patterned or jute rugs with a red border are two of many options to add red to your home this spring.


Blonde, amber, citron, champagne. No, we’re not day-dreaming of cocktails. Yellow is one of this season’s hottest colors. No matter how it’s styled, the shade brings warmth, intellect, and upbeat energy to any space.


A staple neutral is a must, no matter the season. This spring, it’s less about the strong, prominent browns, and more about the more subtle, mixed grey and tan shades. Because of its ability to match almost anything, you have an excuse to splurge on this milky shade.


Last, but certainly not least, turquoise and teal remain on-trend both in fashion and home decor. We love mixing varying shades of blue because of the tranquility and sophistication it brings to a space. Too out of the box for you? Start small with some dish towels for your kitchen or a piece of tabletop decor for that coffee table of yours!

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