Show Dad Your Appreciation with Father’s Day Gifts to Remember

Dads work hard all year to encourage, inspire and guide us, so take some time to say “Thanks!” with a gift tailored to his interests. Whether they like to shop for themselves or get a surprise with a unique item, At home’s breadth of products and everyday low prices are sure to make this Father’s Day a success.

Tell us why your dad deserves a special day and tag your gift with #AtHomeFinds!

How-to Decorate with Candles

Candles can be a cost-effective home décor item that can really pull together a room and make your guests feel at home with a welcoming aroma – (like one of At Home’s 12 exclusive scents). At Home has you covered with how-to tips and tricks to make the candles complement your home with decorative holders, lanterns and more.

These modern LED lanterns have a bohemian look that can work with classic and contemporary styles. The thin design cutouts cast a lovely array of shadows across the walls. At varying shapes and sizes, you can add these to your patio table or line your window-sill. Take yours home for $12.99-$19.99.

Black_wire_candle_holder_grouping_alphachannel_aTry grouping and styling candles in a unique and unexpected way. We added a pop of color to a garden stool by placing a large candle in a brightly colored bowl. Also, look for ways to mirror or complement your décor patterns – similar to how we did with the circles outlining the bowl and stool. This decorative bowl and candle are available at $24.99 and $14.99, while the garden stool is priced $49.99 and available in other colors.


Since we’re all about extending the look and feel of your home to your outdoor areas, we recommend bringing your candles outside with the help of lanterns. These lanterns have a woodsy, but sophisticated, look and can be yours for $49.99.

AtHome 17254215_bElegant and glamorous, we love pairing together silver, mirrored candle votive holders like these. Add a bowl of your favorite potpourri and you have a perfect side-table ensemble! These glam holders can be yours for $12.99 each.

Silver_candleholders_with_mirrored_finish_aWith candles, we say the more, the merrier. Pair three or more candles together in a corner that needs a little life and don’t shy away from different shapes and sizes – which can add a little texture to the look you’re trying to achieve. Take holders similar to these home for $19.99-$34.99.

glass_bling_candle_holders_aTime to brighten up the spaces in your home! Pick up your candle needs from your local At Home and tag any looks you put together with #AtHomeFinds.

Reinvent your Rooms with Candles & Scents

If you’re a shopper that likes plenty of scents to choose from, At Home definitely has you covered. We have 12, exclusive scents all available at our everyday low prices. Don’t forget to check out our tips on how to best care for your candles – and make them look stylish, too!

Storing candles properly is just as important as displaying them with a little style. With At Home’s extensive selection, you can pick a scent from every color of the rainbow for yourself or a friend – including vanilla bean, lavender chamomile, clean linen and pomegranate berry to name a few.


Try our lime and cilantro scented products next time you have your friends over for a margarita on the porch. The refreshing, citrus smell has notes of leafy green cilantro, crushed basil and silver sage wrapped in night-blooming jasmine and delicate green tea. Take home pieces of this set starting at $2.99.


Escape to your grandmother’s kitchen with these irresistible apple orchard candles that will remind you of her homemade apple pie. Ranging from $4.99-$6.99, we bet you can’t take just one! Bonus scent: pair next to our cinnamon streusel candle to add smells of a freshly baked vanilla cake topped with cinnamon.


You can be at tropical locales all year long with our sea mist (pictured) and island mango candles. The way you style your candles can be just as important as the candle itself to complete the look you create. Dressing candles up can be as easy as pairing them with similar hues like we’ve done here with pillar candle holders priced at $6.99.


Didn’t see your favorite scent? This is just a snapshot of the 12 fabulous At Home scents and candle products. Visit At Home to find your favorites for summer and beyond and show us how you style them with #AtHomeFinds


Kiss the Cook Mother’s Day Gifts

We already shared our list of top gift ideas for moms with green thumbs and an eye for design, but what about the moms who like to get creative in the kitchen? We’ve got a list of top five kitchen gadgets and décor items to make her prepared for every cooking occasion.

  1. Knife Blocks
    One or two knives not going to cut it? Consider replacing your mom’s old mismatched knives with a new knife block! This 12 piece Henckels Knife Block for $119.99 is great to have on hand for the chopping, dicing, and slicing her recipes require.
    knife block 3
  2.  Scissors
    How many times have you reached for a pair of mom’s good kitchen scissors to do something not at all related to culinary prowess? Whether it was getting yarn fibers caught in them from cutting too off too many macaroni necklaces or making paper hearts to show your love, chances are good you ruined one or two pairs of her scissors in your quest to show your creativity. Why not let her know you appreciate her patience by gifting her this Henckel’s Scissor Set for $24.99 to make up for the damage?
    Scissor Set
  3.  Paring Knives
    Maybe your mom makes an amazing fruit tart or out-of-this-world mashed potatoes. If you’re going to beg her to make your favorite dish whenever you come home, you should give her a hand! Gift her these colorful paring knives to make the job easier. Work alongside her to help prep your favorite dish and spend some quality time with one of your favorite ladies.
    Multi Parer
  4. Salad Spinner
    Need to find a way another way to freshen mom’s kitchen? This OXO salad spinner [Product '124144473' not found!] is just the thing to help make any salad crisp and refreshing. Pick one up along with a few of mom’s favorite ingredients and offer to do the work for her!
    Salad Spinner
  5. OXO
    Looking for a gift for the mom who seems to have everything? Check out At Home’s collection of OXO products and make her a gift basket! Whether she needs a few more colorful chip clips, an extra set of tongs or another spatula on hand, freshen up mom’s drawers with a few handy new items.

    chip clipTongs resizedspatula

What will you get your mom this year? Visit your local At Home and let us know!

Mother’s Day Gifts for the Garden and More

Mother’s Day is less than one month away! We’ve got a roundup of great garden gift ideas for moms with green thumbs. Check out the slideshow below:

Visit your local At Home to pick up these and more items to prep for Mother’s Day and stay tuned for our next post about kitchen gifts for mom. Let us know what you find!