Christmas Trends 2016

Christmas is not only an opportunity to make merry with family and friends, it’s also a chance to show off your stylish seasonal taste. Whether you’re decking the halls or walls, themed décor can help you pull off the latest holiday looks with minimal effort.  Here’s a preview of some our hottest styles for 2016.

Festive & Fanciful


  1. Snowman Bowl
  2. Festive Wreath
  3. Tabletop Décor Upside-down Santa
  4. Polka Dot Ribbon
  5. Colorful Finial
  6. Snowflake Sleigh

Whimsical décor is big this year. Iconic Christmas mainstays get a cartoonish upgrade, with exaggerated designs and playful, vibrant colors—like life through the eyes of an elf. Our Mistletoe Mod collection is a perfect example of this fun and funky style. Traditional reds and greens take their places among silvers and sky blues for a look that’s sure to make even the Grinchiest heart swell with joy. Here’s a peep at how it all comes together.


Winter Wonderland


  1. Holiday Wreath with Amaryllis
  2. Feather Tree Tabletop Décor
  3. Peace Hurricane Candle Holder 
  4. Metal Silver Deer
  5. Small Decorative Snowflake Sleigh
  6. White Velvet Christmas Tree Skirt

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, look no further. This ethereal trend casts everything in a white, sparkling sheen. Our Ethereal Season collection brings the best of this look home for the holidays. From angel wings to snowflakes, this wintry white look is a a spectacular way to decorate for the holidays. Scatter in individual pieces to add a peaceful vibe to your own look, or whiteout your room with the complete collection, like in the picture below.


Gracious Gold


  1. Praying Angel
  2. Magnolia, Pine cone & Leaf Garland
  3. Gold Diamond Candle holder
  4. Sequin Glitter Gold Deer
  5. Metal Jeweled Cross
  6. Gold Centerpiece Décor

This holiday season, you can go for the gold with our Gathering Angels theme. Gold adds a sparkling luster to any holiday palette. This theme transforms some of the most memorable Christmas icons from wreaths to ribbons in glittering gold, giving you the Midas touch just in time for the holidays. The collection adds a touch of rich elegance to your yuletide display, as you can see in the following image.


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