Feel at Home in Your First Place

4 Tips for Budget-Friendly Dorm & Apartment Décor

Getting your first place can be overwhelming. Between signing the lease and hiring movers, there’s a lot you’re going through financially, and décor might be the last thing on your mind. But the key to making your first dorm or apartment feel like home is integrating your style. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to deck out your new place – just follow these tips for decorating your first place on a budget!

  1. Little Accents, Big Impact

Little pieces can go a long way. Accents are the perfect way to add style to your new space without going overboard on budget, and are easy to switch in and out as the seasons and your tastes change.


Cute throw pillows add comfort and personality for as little as $10 to $15. Also opt for fun wall art or a funky clock that shows off your style and will often cost you less than $20. You’ll love how these little pieces really pull your place together and make it feel like home.


  1. Gold Lips Decorative Pillow- 13 x 22-in
  2. Gold Dream Arrow Tabletop Decor Sign- 12 x 7-in
  3. Free Spirit Glass Shadow Box Sign Art, Assorted Colors- 8 x 10-in
  4. Pocket Memo Board- 12 x 12-in
  5. Accent Heart Wall Art- 15 x 15-in
  6. Blue & White Ikat Tabletop Clock, Assorted- 10-in

2. YOUr D&eacutecor

Dorm and apartment décor should let your style and personality shine – it’s all about YOU! A great way to make that happen is using things you already have as a part of your design! Your favorite jewelry and purses can be the perfect finishing touch – just add a decorative jewelry holder or unique wall hook to show them off.


Stylish shelving and pretty picture frames can also show off knickknacks and photos you love! All of these solutions add smart, budget-friendly storage that doubles as décor to your first place and perfectly fits your just-starting-out budget.


  1. 3-Tier Bangle Jewelry Bar
  2. Colorful Rectangle Shelf Set
  3. Accessories Accent Metal Wall Art

3. Cover Your Carpets

There’s nothing scarier than spilling spaghetti sauce or dark soda on your new apartment’s carpet! But there’s an easy solution that will add style to your space and save your security deposit.


Rugs are your best friend in your brand new place. You can find these pieces in a ton of different sizes and styles for a price that will fit your budget. Even if you do invest in a bigger rug, it’s sure to save you money by preserving your carpet!


  1. Tribal Accent Area Rug- 27 x 45-in
  2. Mocha Brown Shag Rug- 3 x 5-ft
  3. Ultra Blue Mood Rug- 27 x 45-in

4. Know Where to Invest

Sometimes, less isn’t more. When it comes to buying your first furniture pieces, the cheapest option isn’t always best. Instead, look for pieces that are made with quality and will stand the test of time.


A beautiful sofa or solid dresser in a neutral color and timeless style will last for years to come, while you may want to replace that fun and funky coffee table in just a year or two. But that doesn’t mean you have to splurge on something designer. There is a lot of furniture out there that is a great price for the quality. Invest in one of these pieces now, and see the savings later!


  1. Savannah Linen Sofa
  2. Sullivan Coffee Table
  3. 3-Drawer Wooden Cabinet

Once you deck out your dorm or apartment, be sure to share your style with us using #AtHomeFinds!

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