Top 10 Trending Accessories

Your walls are perfectly painted and your furniture is in place, so now it’s time to make the rest of the room pop. When it comes to expressing your personal style, the details are super-important. This is where you get to express your individuality, so every addition needs to shine. Our buyers have scoured the globe to find the 10 best selections to help you accessorize for success, from mantels to counter tops.



Light sources are crucial to consider when planning your home. You want to have plenty of light for day-to-day activities, but did you know you can also utilize light sources to express your style? Use lanterns in the garden for an extra touch of illumination, or inside to brighten up mantels, tabletops, and window sills. Our LED model creates as much light as flame models, and its safe for
use around children. It also features a timer for convenience.

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