4 Ways to Fight Cabin Fever

Winter is here, and cabin fever is setting in. Feeling a little S.A.D.?  There’s a reason. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing, probably known best by its other name, the “winter blues.” The best way to chase away your funk is by getting started on brightening your space for spring. Read on for five home decorating ideas that will help you fight your cabin fever.


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Trending Colors for Spring

It may still be February, but let’s face it. Everyone is looking forward to springtime. Sunshine, warmer weather, fresh blooms, and an excuse to reorganize and refresh your home.

Every season, different colors are deemed the trending colors for that period. Whether the colors drastically change from season to season or are simply a shade lighter, trending colors give our minds just enough juice to spark creativity and revamp a look.

No one wants to paint an entire room when they can simply add an accent piece here or a new decor item there. We pulled together our favorite trending colors for spring along with a few key pieces to show you how you can be on-trend this spring, without breaking the bank.

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Room Refresh: Retropolitan Takeover





Mid-century modern is a style that has evolved over the years and continues to be on-trend. Bringing together darker neutral colors with brighter, saturated accent colors can bring a retro look to your space in no time. Let us take you back a few decades and show you how you can retro refresh your living room even today, in 2016.

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