Ultimate Gift Wrapping Guide

3 Must-Know Steps to Gift Wrapping Like a Pro

The holidays are all about giving, which means you’re eventually going to need to start wrapping all those packages you’ve been stockpiling in the attic. You don’t need Christmas magic to learn how to wrap like a pro. This ultimate guide comes with quick and easy video tutorials to help even novices learn how to up their gift-wrapping game. Photo Credit: @dimplesandtangles

1 ) Wrapping Workspace

While it’s not rocket science, gift wrapping does require bit of space and a few essential items. For instance, you’re going to need a flat surface and a way to organize your supplies. Why sprawl out on your living room floor and risk aching knees and a strained back? A better way is to build a gift-wrapping station in the comfort of your own home. Click below to learn how.

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2) Behold the Fold

Now that you’ve got your wrapping station in order, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. Make a festive statement by selecting paper that suits your unique style and personality. Bring the gift you want to wrap to your workstation and get started. This short video shows you all the moves the pros use.

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Pro-Tip: Pinch edges of the box for sharp,tidy corners.



Congratulations, your gift is wrapped in paper and the bulk of the work is out of the way. But the job’s not over until your package is tied up with a pretty bow. Bows give your gift personality, and they’re easy to learn how to tie. Check out some of our merry selection of ribbon and then watch the videos below to learn how to tie bows in style.

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Pro-Tip #1:



Pro Tip #2:



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